Phrasal Verb about Education

01 Jul

1. be into = be interested in something: say mê
​⇒ Are you into literature?
2. take up = start doing a new activity: theo đuổi
​⇒ Chris has taken up jogging
3. fall behind = make less progress than others: bị thụt lùi
​⇒ My daughter is falling behind with her school work
4. catch up with = improve and reach the same standard as other people: bắt kịp
​⇒ I need to catch up with Jane
5. go over = check something: kiểm tra
​⇒ Could you go over this report?
6. read up on = study or learn something by reading: nghiên cứu
​⇒ I need to read up on Malawi
7. hand in/ turn in = give your finished work to a teacher: nộp bài
​⇒ She handed in/ turned in her essay.
8. hand out = give something to each person in a group: phát bài
​⇒ The teacher handed out the worksheets
9. copy out = write something again exactly as it was written: sao chép
​⇒ We always copy out sentences from a book
10. drop out = stop going to school before finishing it: bỏ học giữa chừng
​⇒ She dropped out of college and went straight into a job

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